more about me


my name is j eun lee.

where am i coming from?

i'm from a family that migrated from korea (in '95!) living in new york, and i identify as a woman.

i left cognitive science research and immigrant rights advocacy to build a career in tech, but i'm still fired up about those topics.

what's been my path in tech?

i started hacking so i could run experiments on human visual processing at a perceptual psychology lab.

since coding professionally, i've joined teams productionalizing ai/ml products and building out web-based applications.

i've developed in whatever the teams' frameworks and languages happened to be, and i've created the most in python and fullstack javascript.

i had the most fun when i was extending data pipelines, working on model testing frameworks, making systems reliable and scalable —
i loved projects that made my team members' lives better!

where am i now?

i've just joined loom as a software engineer.

can you tell me more about X?

feel free to reach out via the contact form to connect with me.